Mgmt.AppCatalog.LOBApp.Upload.BadRequest.BadRequest when uploading custom app

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Dear Community,


I try to upload my first App. It's a simple personal Tab so view an internal sharepoint site, our new document management system. But neither the upload via the Teams App nor via the Teams Admin Center works. No error appears in the Teams desktop app, only the message "Something went wrong. Please try again later." Using the Teams admin center, I get the error message "Mgmt.AppCatalog.LOBApp.Upload.BadRequest.BadRequest".
My user is Global Administrator und the App seems complete vadlid and passed all tests. 05-05-_2023_08-31-00.jpg


Any Ideas?


I found a similar topic here, but there is no solution or workaround, just the info that it should be fixed last year in April. But the error still occurs to me. 

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We are not able to repro this issue. Could you please share your manifest and tenant id with us at

@Tobias_Frings - We tried this with the manifest you have shared, we also face the same issue. We tried by removing the context part from static tabs and app got uploaded successfully. We will check internally why is context part giving the issue and update you. Thanks!




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@Tobias_Frings -  "teamLevelApp" is an internal property that is not supposed to be used by external users. Engineering team is looking into this, we will get the doc updated to remove this property from manifest schema.





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Dear @Meghana-MSFT, many thanks for your help. I just changed the manifest as well and it got uploaded with no problem. Thanks.

@Tobias_Frings - Glad your issue has been resolved, could you please share your valuable feedback via Microsoft Teams Developer Feedback link.