Message Card Action Buttons not working consistently

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We have a little solution that is in use with hundreds of customers around the globe and so far all worked fine, until lately.


But the last days we get tickets from customers complaining, that their two action buttons (see sample video: 2 buttons - left the "Call back" button with a phone number and on the right side the "Task completed" button) on the message card are both visible but stopped to work properly.


If you click the "Call back" button on the left, no issues occur and it works always, but you if you click the right one, it doesn't work anymore unless you do a little "workaround" (see video). The customers claim that if they right click and then left click and click once more on the same button, it starts working again - which is every strange.


The strange thing is if the same message card with the same buttons/functions is used on the same Teams client with the same customer, but in another Teams channel, it works without an issue. We have seen this being the case with many customers, where they have dozens of channels where it works fine, but in one it doesn't work (thus, the issue is reproduceable), unless you do this workaround. The buttons use always the same functions, and the message card is received via a webhook, the functions are always online and as we said it's only specific channels the other work fine.


Do you have any ideas? Let me know if you need more information but looks like this issue is spreading among our customers. The issue is not related to the Teams client, whether you use the browser version of Teams, or the Windows App does not matter, and the result is the same.


Any help is appreciated, we are a bit lost, as the functions are ok, JSON data is ok and no errors in Azure functions appear. The firewall or proxy cannot be the issue as it works on the same client in another channel without problems.



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Thank you for reporting this, we will check this and get back to you. Can you please share the card JSON that you are using so that it would be easy for us to repro this.

Thank you for your answer, @Meghana-MSFT.

Sure, please find the JSON below:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "MessageCard",
  "themeColor": "FFB900",
  "title": "Missed call from <PHONE_NUMBER>",
  "text": "Name: <CALLER_NAME>, Mobil [Shared Mailbox]<br>  Voice Apps: Voice App 1, Voice App 2 <br> Date: 27.07.2023 <br> Time: 10:10 ",
  "potentialAction": [
      "@type": "OpenUri",
      "name": "Call <PHONE_NUMBER>",
      "targets": [
          "os": "default",
          "uri": "<PHONE_NUMBER>"
      "@type": "HttpPOST",
      "name": "Task completed",
      "target": "<APP_URI>/<ACTION>?code=<TOKEN_CODE>",
      "body": "{\r\n \"Number\": \"<PHONE_NUMBER>\", \"messageCardDate\": \"27.07.2023\", \"messageCardTime\": \"10:10\", \"localTimeZone\": \"W. Europe Standard Time\", \"callerLookupName\": \"<CALLER_NAME>, Mobil\",  \"language\": \"ger\", \"voiceAppName\": \"Voice App 1, Voice App 2\"\r\n}",
      "headers": [
          "Content-Type": "application/json"

@TCF_SAHA - Could you please share console log and network trace when this issue reproduces along with tenant details at

Could you please share console log and network trace when this issue reproduces along with tenant details at

We raised a bug for the same, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you.

@Meghana-MSFT hi there. Is there any update? Thank you.

@mohacs - Sorry for delay in response.
We will check the bug status and inform you accordingly.

@TCF_SAHA , @mohacs - We currently do not have an ETA to share with you. Team is working on the fix, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you for your understanding.

@Meghana-MSFT, @ChetanSharma-msft - thanks for the reply, did they identify the cause? We feel it's related to a backend service as we can see all request are sent to a teams endpoint and not to the target URL Post we send, so we raised another ticket/bug in Teams TAP program, can you please let us know the BUG number so we can notify the TAP folks that there is work ongoing?


it seems there are many affected by this issue, please see here, pretty much the same issue: 

Unwanted Behaviour in Teams Adaptive Cards - Microsoft Community


In our case, our solution that uses adaptive cards is used by hundreds of customers that fail now for a longer time, so an ETA would be appreciated to let customers know



We see this issue is fixed in Teams T2 but does not work in Teams classic. We are checking with engineering team.
Hi Meghana, thanks, but as of today (tested 5 minutes with latest version), this is NOT fixed even they claimed multiple times it should work (we are in Teams Ring 1.5 TAP, bug is still open).



Thank you for your reply. No it hasn't fixed even so there is no way to use the new MS Teams because neither camera nor screen sharing working properly on a mac.