Mentions are broken in adaptive cards when responding to Universal Actions

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I have a problem using mentions in responses to universal actions. Say my bot sends a message with an adaptive card to a Teams Channel:



  "type": "message",
  "attachmentLayout": "list",
  "attachments": [
      "contentType": "application/",
      "contentUrl": "",
      "content": {
        "type": "AdaptiveCard",
        "version": "1.6",
        "body": [
            "type": "TextBlock",
            "text": "<at>Lars Knoll</at> created the incident"
            "type": "ActionSet",
            "actions": [
                "type": "Action.Execute",
                "title": "Submit",
                "verb": "submit"
        "msteams": {
          "entities": [
              "type": "mention",
              "text": "<at>Lars Knoll</at>",
              "mentioned": {
                "id": "xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
                "name": "Lars Knoll"



This works just fine and I get can see a proper mention in the adaptive card. When I press the Submit button, I simply resend the same adaptive card as an answer to the bot:


    "type": "application/",
    "value": { ... same card as above ... }
    "statusCode": 200



I would expect that the mention continues to work, but instead I see “<at>Lars Knoll</at>” in teams (both Classic and the new Teams). In the web client things look slightly better (I don’t see the <at> tag and the name is highlighted), but the mention is still broken.


Is there a way to get this working or an ETA for a fix?

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Hello @LarsKnoll - Thanks for raising your query.
Please let us know if you are facing this issue in classic Teams or New Teams client?

As I said above, I can see the problem both in the classic and the new teams client (tested on macOS).


It’s also not working correctly in the web client where it creates a mention, but when I hover over it I get an empty popup.

Thanks for sharing the information. 
We will look into it and let you know the updates.

We are able to repro the steps of the issue and will get back to you soon.
Hello @ LarsKnoll
Sorry for the delay in response,
Could you please let us know whether your issue has got resolved?