Meeting Extension Apps Integration - Fullscreen? Like Invision/MS Whiteboard?

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Within teams you can develop meeting extension apps (apps you can use live within a meeting), however they appear to be limited to a 320 pixel side panel.

  1. Is there anyway to increase the size of this side panel in development, to integrate a visual webapp?

  2. is there a way to integrate in fullscreen for meetings, like InVision or Microsoft whiteboard does? (Image attached)

- I want each person to be able to interact with a visual whiteboard app, that needs more visual real-estate during the meeting in real-time

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The in-meeting content side panel provides a canvas (320px) for developers to build unique experiences for their apps. Developers can build experiences integrating tools such as adaptive cards, HTML, and other platform capabilities to create an engaging surface for users to interact with.
However the size of the panel is limited to 320px only. Please refer to this doc for more details.