Meeting change notification cannot receive notice after updating meeting


Hi, I have some questions about online meeting subscription. I created change notifications for online meeting resource and it worked before, But if I update the meeting(such as changing meeting time, changing subject or adding/removing attendee). The subscription still be valid but I cannot receive change notice when I start meeting. Can I confirm that is the change notification doesn't support meeting after updating? Thanks

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@ChenguangHe - We tried to repro the issue as mentioned and also facing same issue.
We subscribed to /communications/onlinemeetings/{meeting-id} resource and when we started meeting, we got notification. Later we changed meeting name, start-end time, added participants and noticed that while starting meeting call event is not getting triggered and notification is not getting sent.

We have raised a bug for the same and engineering team is looking into it. We will inform you once we get any further update. Thanks!

@Prasad_Das-MSFT  I am not sure if there are other corner cases, but when moving the meeting from outlook client, the existing meeting subscriptions continue to work. But doing the same from teams client it doesn't seem to work. Correct me if I am wrong but  the expected behavior should be that once subscribed to a meeting ,even if there are updates it should continue to work correct ?

@suducode - Yes after update ideally it should work. We are checking with engineering team. We will update you once there is any update. Thanks!

Hi @Prasad_Das-MSFT - Could you tell us that maybe how long it takes to fix this issue? Because we are waiting it for further development.

@ChenguangHe - Engineering team is working on the issue. Currently we don't have any ETA to share. We will update you once we get further information.

@suducode - We are checking the status of the bug with engineering team. We will inform you once we have any update. Thanks!

@suducode - Engineering team is not able to repro the issue.

They still received notifications after changing the meeting name, adding a participant, and changing the meeting start/end time.
Could you please provide below asked information if possible?
  • Request-Id and client-request Id of subscription creation
  • UTC time of subscription and expected notifications
  • JoinWebUrl of the meeting