Meeting Bot issue: Did not receive valid response for JoinCall request from call modality controller

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I'm trying to join a Teams Meeting with a bot. I used this sample.

When the bot attempts to join I get the popup to admit or deny it in the meeting, but as soon as I click admit, it drops.

In the logs I see this message:
Call status updated to Terminated - Did not receive valid response for JoinCall request from call modality controller.. DiagCode: 580#5426.@


I am using the latest ( at time of writing) version of Microsoft.Graph.Communications libraries and the problem only started after I updated from that I was using previously.


I could not find any info on what the call modality controller is, or how to check what it is responding if anything. Any ideas on how to troublshoot this are welcome.

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Hello @Kristaps_Baumanis ,
Thanks for raising your issue here. We will investigate this and let you know the updates.

I did some more experimenting. It breaks when upgrading from to the next available version on NuGet -

This is also when Microsoft.Graph.Models and Microsoft.Graph.Contracts show up. All the types like Call, ChatInfo, Identity, OrganizerMeetingInfo etc. are not found until I as suggested by the IDE add the Models reference.

Perhaps some other change also needs to be made?
The patchnotes list these breaking changes:
Model namespace changes.
Model properties that were arrays are now List implementation.
Model property types which were enum are now nullable enums.
Service Exception class structure changes.
Other generated model changes when using kiota generated models.

Perhaps some enum that worked fine on a default 0 is now a null and breaks things?

Meanwhile every app hosted bot sample I have found has been using an older version of the library, so I don't have any up to date sample to check my code against.

Hello @Kristaps_Baumanis ,
Can you share the code so we can test this from our end and let you know the updates?

I can't share the whole solution and creating a minimal example will take a lot of time. It's the same idea as or

Neither of those is up to date and I could find no other sample for the scenario - a bot joining an ongoing Teams meeting with application hosted media.

Can I just get some info on what that error message means? I seem to be the only person on the internet to ever see it, but clearly someone has gone through the trouble of checking for it.

Hello @Kristaps_Baumanis ,
We will look into this internally with engineering team and let you know the updates.