Meet "Manifest parsing has failed" error when uploading a customer app

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I'm trying to get started with teams app according to

When uploading a customer app, I will meet "Manifest parsing has failed" error. Error detail is "Error while reading manifest.json".


I tried to zip both manifest and contoso20x20.png and contoso96x96.png and upload again, get the same error.


In developer portal - validate your app package part, I also see "The file could not be found in the app package" but no details of what file is not found.  I'm not sure whether the 2 errors are related. What have I missed? Thanks!





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Could you please try to validate your package using app studio? There it shows the exact reason of failure. If that doesn't help please share the manifest file so that we can try it at our end

Hi @Prasad_Das-MSFT,

thanks for reply. I can get the same result from app studio validation but no detail of which file could not be found in the app package.


I have attached the manifest file in Hello 

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The color and outline image you are using have different file name than what is being declared inside manifest. I am attaching the zip file which is working fine. Hopefully it helps you.




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Hi @Prasad_Das-MSFT,

No good luck, with the modified Hello, I meet "we didn't find any matches" error these 2 days: (



Now I meet the publish successful UI. Thanks @Prasad_Das-MSFT