Looking for Microsoft Teams Icon - Branding Guidelines

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Hi everyone. I'm wondering if there is a location where I can get the Teams icons/logos and branding guidelines?


I'm trying to build an integration for an app, which will send a message to a selected third party chat app's channel through a Webhook. Having a Teams icon would really help the users to see exactly what integration they are attaching. However, I cannot seem to be able to find the icon online (through the official Microsoft websites). 


I was able to find the branding guidelines for OneNote (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/onenote-branding), so I'm trying to find something similar for Teams.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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@HailanXu - Could you please take a look at Icon guidelines documentations? Please let us know if you need more details. 

Hi @HailanXu 
i'm starting to work on MS Teams only some week ago and i'm looking also into guidelines, guide, and other information about guidelines like you asking. But I've never found any pages about Logos/Branding guidelines like this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/onenote-branding 


but, what i suggest is start by: 


In addition I'm making a "reverse design guideline" about MS Teams Client, if want you can keep in contact with me to understand what you/we need and what we can do to achieve.

@Wajeed-MSFT Thank you for your reply.

I'm not looking for a guideline for my company's icon.

I'm looking for the Microsoft Teams icon. Thank you.


@domenicomonaco Thanks for your reply.

Those are some interesting resources, but unfortunately not what I'm looking for.

I need the icon for MS Teams, so that people know from our app that it will send a message to a MS Teams channel, and not another chat app (e.g. Slack) if this makes sense. Usually, it should come with the branding guidelines, like "you cannot contort our logo or use the full logo".

The closest I've come across is this which includes the branding guideline for skype, but there wasn't anything about MS Teams: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/trademarks/usage/general

@HailanXu @domenicomonaco 

Found this post while looking for the same thing.

We would like to integrate a "call via teams" action in our contact application, it would be nice to use the teams app icon for this action as users would recognize it.