locking a classroom assignment after the close date/time

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Is there a way for an instructor to lock an assignment after the close date/time? If not, then can it be added please so that students cannot change their system clock and access assignments after they’ve been closed.
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There has been websites like Schoology ( An place for students to  do there assignments. However, I am not sure it can do that, However, if you want to ask them to do it, then I recommend you submit a ticket to Microsoft or Private Message the developers for them. If they did not respond, give them a call.
You may also want to ask your IT admin for further more questions.

I hope this helps!


Hi @Shaurya2205, Thanks for reaching out to us. We are the developer support team for Microsoft teams focused on helping developers resolve their code issues. For issues related to teams product, please reach out to the Product support channels for Microsoft Teams.