localTimezone missing from Activity in iOS

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The localTimezone field is missing from Activity in Bot when using our bot/app in iOS.

Docs for reference:


Kindly advise if this is a bug or if not, where can we retrieve this information when missing?

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Just checked, not just on iOS. Both Android and iOS. Previously, it was present in Android.

@vannyconoza -
We have tested this using below code and In android we are getting localtimezonevalue.


  protected override async Task OnMessageActivityAsync(ITurnContext<IMessageActivity> turnContext, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
            var localetimezone = turnContext.Activity.Entities[0].Properties.ToString(); ;
            var reply = MessageFactory.Text(localetimezone);
            await turnContext.SendActivityAsync(reply, cancellationToken);




Ref Doc: Get context for your Microsoft Teams bot - Teams | Microsoft Learn

Could you please share the code snippet which you are trying? Are you getting localtimezone in Teams web and desktop client?

@Nivedipa-MSFT The localTimezone is missing from 

context received on TeamsActivityHandler.handleTeamsMessagingExtensionSubmitAction (submitAction invoke event: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/messaging-extensions/how-to/action-command...)

The value is present when message extension is used in Desktop/Web Client, but is missing on mobile.

We have tested this using TeamsActivityHandler.handleTeamsMessagingExtensionSubmitAction 
method but still in android we are getting localtimezone value.


Could you please update the Teams version and check again?



@Nivedipa-MSFT Just tested on ios, Teams version is updated (version 4.19.0), running on iOS 16.1.
Below is the context. No localTimezone in context.activity, no timezone in context.activity.entities[0]


  "_respondedRef": {
    "responded": false
  "_turnState": {
    "turn": {
      "locale": "en-US"
  "_onSendActivities": [],
  "_onUpdateActivity": [],
  "_onDeleteActivity": [],
  "_turn": "turn",
  "_locale": "locale",
  "bufferedReplyActivities": [],
  "_adapter": {
    "middleware": {
      "middleware": [
    "settings": {
      "appId": "<appId>",
      "appPassword": "<appPassword>"
    "credentials": {
      "name": "MicrosoftAppCredentials",
      "appId": "<appId>",
      "tenant": "botframework.com",
      "oAuthEndpoint": "https://login.microsoftonline.com/botframework.com",
      "oAuthScope": "https://api.botframework.com"
    "credentialsProvider": {
      "name": "SimpleCredentialProvider",
      "appId": "<appId>"
    "isEmulatingOAuthCards": false,
    "authConfiguration": {
      "requiredEndorsements": []
  "_activity": {
    "name": "composeExtension/submitAction",
    "type": "invoke",
    "timestamp": "2022-11-16T18:10:52.806Z",
    "localTimestamp": "2022-11-16T18:10:52.806Z",
    "id": "f:783fa7b6-c86b-55f5-0ffc-d9c5dc2abd1e",
    "channelId": "msteams",
    "serviceUrl": "https://smba.trafficmanager.net/apac/",
    "from": {
      "id": "29:1h_HSr4azCfMbIlf7mWvY3-ot-GEgd9WefL2wGDwg24mR1n1NcRkzqxAVFW5SdoMpaGm_JGeZczJ-EIqfmLur4Q",
      "name": "Vanny Conoza",
      "aadObjectId": "4e1a9e1d-017f-4585-897b-c53f5c056efb"
    "conversation": {
      "isGroup": true,
      "conversationType": "channel",
      "tenantId": "d19780c8-d5df-4eee-84b0-dcac4f1fbfde",
      "id": "19:7ixebHp2E-koa1L8rn-dizrPLcqL6kROYvU1Nsivvu41@thread.tacv2"
    "recipient": {
      "id": "28:9dd5378d-4419-48cf-933a-dcaa161083a6",
      "name": "Pigeonhole Live Bot"
    "entities": [
        "locale": "en-US",
        "country": "SG",
        "platform": "iOS",
        "type": "clientInfo"
    "channelData": {
      "channel": {
        "id": "19:7ixebHp2E-koa1L8rn-dizrPLcqL6kROYvU1Nsivvu41@thread.tacv2"
      "team": {
        "id": "19:7ixebHp2E-koa1L8rn-dizrPLcqL6kROYvU1Nsivvu41@thread.tacv2"
      "tenant": {
        "id": "d19780c8-d5df-4eee-84b0-dcac4f1fbfde"
      "source": {
        "name": "compose"
      "legacy": {
        "replyToId": "1:1zJr2iwmQ-o2PHY1__YULWWz4xJSGZm_ibZjGx51c2vk"
    "replyToId": "0",
    "value": {
      "commandId": "createQuestionAnswer",
      "data": {
        "type": "workspaceSelection",
        "workspace": "<appRelatedData>"
      "state": "",
      "tabContext": {},
      "context": {
        "theme": "dark"
    "locale": "en-US",
    "rawTimestamp": "2022-11-16T18:10:52.806Z",
    "rawLocalTimestamp": "2022-11-17T02:10:52.806+08:00",
    "callerId": "urn:botframework:azure"



@vannyconoza - We will test this in IOS and update you soon.

@vannyconoza - We have tested this on IOS version 15.7.1 and Teams version 4.19.0. We are getting value of the localTimezone in context.activity.entities[0]



@vannyconoza - Could you please confirm is your issue resolved or are you still facing this issue?