Listening to Real-time Microsoft Teams Meeting events and fetching meeting recordings

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Hi, we are developing a bot application  to display a sidePanel for Microsoft Teams.

What we require:

1) To be notified of meeting events such as meetingStart, meetingEnd, participantsJoined/participantsLeft, recordingStarted/recordingLeft.

2) To download meeting recordings from Microsoft Teams API or Graph API.


What we tried:

1) We followed this tutorial: and added manifest updates to receive meeting notifications.

2) We subscribed to Graph API resources by following this tutorial:


What we realized:

1) By updating the applicationPermissions to OnlineMeeting.ReadBasic.Chat we were able to receive some events such as meetingStart and meetingEnd. But we were unable to get events related to meeting recording.

2) By Graph API resource subscriptions we were able to receive updates related to recording events during the meetings (Hopefully because an entry is created in the scheduled meeting chat). But no download URLs were returned in the payload in order to fetch the recorded video files.



1) What is the correct way to be notified on Microsoft Teams meeting events.

2) How do we fetch the recorded meetings and which API should be used.



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@raqeebthassim-We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.

@raqeebthassim - 

  1. We do not have an API for the exact requirement, but you can get the attendance report. Please go through meetingAttendanceReport documentation.

  2. Currently there is no API to download Teams meeting recordings. Please have a look at similar questions - How to get meeting recording url and how to download it? - Microsoft Q&AHow to downloaded recorded calls/meeting directly through Microsoft Teams Graph API? - Microsoft Q&A





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