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I am trying to upgrade from the MSOnline powershell module to the MicrosoftTeams module.

Previously, the Get-MsolAccountSku  returned the AccountSkuId is in the format 

tenantname:licensename e.g. contoso:ENTERPRISEPACK

In the Teams module when I run the Get-AzureADSubscribedSku command, the closest thing that I can see to this format is the objectId which is in the format 

tenantGuid:skuGuid e.g. 44cbfb1e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx_6fd2c87f-b296-42f0-b197-1e91e994b900

Is there a convenient way to convert from the new format to the old format using powershell?

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Hi @Simon Shaw,
Get-AzureADSubscribedSku will provide all sku details.
if you want per user basis.
$a = Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $UPN | select -ExpandProperty licenses
$b = $a.AccountSkuId
Isn't the Get-MsolUser cmdlet part of the MSOnline powershell module which was end of life 3 months ago?