Label on meeting participants with role/discipline they represent in the meeting or project

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I participate weekly in 10-30 projects varying month to month. The project meetings are with some internal people and quite a number of external. Each of them represent a position in the project e.g: Project Manager, Controller or Discipline like Mechanics, Electrical, Automation, Instrument, Structure, HVAC, etc..

Most meetings spend time on presenting the members to one another, as there often are new people onboarding or replacing others, but the important info to catch is which role or function in the project they represent - if they relate to some of my responsibilities. This I have to make a note of myself.

When I click at each person in the participant list the information I get is limited: Title, Department, Location.


I would like to see a label on each person showing role/discipline in the project/meeting. This could be set - by default- when one accept the meeting, or as a tag on the person when becoming a member of the team.

- I am sure there are many more alternatives of presenting.

A link to a mini-CV might also be valuable.

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