Issue with MS Teams on MacOS following a change of email address.

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Hello there,


I have recently updated the email address linked to my MS live account from (old address) to (new address).


I am currently attempting to login to MS Teams with my new address on MacOS. As part of the login process, I am being asked to join a "TEST" organisation, with only one option: a button to "continue". This process then fails with the following error messages:


RequestId: a38393af-252d-4ad4-b0e3-2e7d6fc43eaf
Correlation Id:4b02ad3a-59c4-46e9-9d82-7f5e48187cc0
Timestamp:2021-04-07 11:56:47Z
Here are my issues:
  1. I do not know what this TEST organisation is (it seems to be linked to my old address).
  2. No MS Live account exist with my old address
  3. an MS teams account seem to exist with my old address. When attempting to login with it, I am being said I will be sent a unique code, which never lands in any of my inboxes (old or new)
  4. I have successfully created an MS Teams "personal account" on Android with my new address

I would simply like to have a single MS Teams personal account with and be able to login to MS Teams on both Android and MacOS with it.


Some help/support would be greatly appreciated. 


Many thanks



PS: I am attaching a few print screens for further details.

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