Issue with button action on unfurling link adaptive card

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I have developed a Message Extension Teams app that have feature for link unfurling. Upon pasting the link, the card shows up in the chat, containing a button. Generally, I want to popup a dialog that opens upon clicking the button and accepts text from users.

But, on clicking the button, I'm getting the error Return to the main window to perform this action. How can I fix this issue?

Adaptive Card for unfurling card -


      "$schema": "",
      "type": "AdaptiveCard",
      "version": "1.6",
      "body": [
          "type": "TextBlock",
          "text": text,
          "wrap": true
      "actions": [
          "type": 'Action.Submit',
          "title": 'Login',
          "data": { "msteams": { "type": 'task/fetch' }, "data": 'onLogin' }



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@XDeveloper29 - This issue is being tracked here. Please follow that thread for any update.