Is this possible to do with teams?

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I am quite used to build Powerapps but im not very good in Teams development and what i can do with Teams....


I have this idea i want to see if it is possible and what level of knowledge i need to build it (if it is even possible).


This is the scenario:

1. User open Powerapp and submit data to a form

2. Powerapps saves data to a datasource (Sharepoint list)

3. A Power Automate flow checks new entries in the sharepoint list and post a message in Teams with some of the data that the user submitted.


-So far i know how to build this


4. Now i want to collect answers from the posts in Teams that is posted with Power Automate. I want to collect all the comments etc that other uses are making on those posts. These data i want to save back to the sharepointlist and the row/record that triggered the specific post. Is this possible?


So what im looking to find is an answer on number 4. How to do this? Is it possible?


Im thinking of some kind of JSON code with buttons and comment section. But i have never done this. And i cant even think of how to save the data back to the sharepoint list and the correct record...

I dont even know what to google for here :)


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@Oskar Kuus, Yes, this is (point 4) possible.
From power automate you need to message in the form of adaptive card in Teams. Adaptive card is json string. You can send message using HTTP action (there are many different ways available to send message). You need to pass this json string in body. To create adaptive card, check this documentation.
In Adaptive card you can collect user inputs and you can capture card submit event in power automate. Once you have the event captured, you can save all the inputs to which ever DB you wish to save it.
To capture reply on that card, you can utilize the Teams message api's which will bring all the reply for you.
Please check documentation for more information on Power apps and Power automate.

Let me know if you are stuck anywhere. All the required documentations are listed in this post.
Happy Coding :).