Is there a way to use Microsoft Teams in my old iPad with IOS 9.3.5?

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I would like to use Teams in my iPad Mini with IOS 9.3.5.  Is there a way to do this?  Thanks.

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@mmontejo, I think you should be able to use it. 

Are you not able to search Teams in store?

The app is in the store but once I downloaded the app, it generates an error message "Microsoft Teams is not compatible with this iPad"...

@mmontejo - IOS does not work for 9.3.5 version. IT requires minimum version 10. Could you please update your IOS version?

@Nikitha-MSFT- My iPad could not be upgraded to a 10 version.  So what are my options other than of course buying a new one.  This OLD iPad is really working just fine at the moment. 

@mmontejo - Currently Teams does not support 9.3.5 version. IOS version should be minimum 10.0.

@Nikitha-MSFT even I have a similar problem and my device has IOS 10.3 still I get the same error message 

They should have added this especially this difficult time 

Zoom supports and recently school changed to MS teams and i am now fed up


I have an ios 9.3.5 i want to install Microsoft teams app. But there is an error message that does not sport the app. What can i do.

@mmontejo I don't have a solution, but am happy to find a community of people with the same problem. I have an iPad mini and an iPad, both of which are "too old" to be supported by Microsoft Teams. I would obviously just use Zoom given the choice, but unfortunately my son's school is using Teams for online learning. For now, he is on a smartphone with a cracked screen until (a.) I can afford to buy a new tablet (b.) The school decides to use a platform that is more accessible to the range of tech access in our community (c.) Someone posts a workaround for this problem (d.) Microsoft decides to invest some time to add support for those of us on older technology-which I might add, still works fine!


I have a feeling the school year will end with the cracked smartphone...

@greentuffet just wondering if Teams will work through the native Safari browser, signing in via

Hello there, I have had this same problem with my iPhone 5 but I have out on how to download it but one thing you would need is a different phone or device where you can download teams on to show it on your purchases
1. Open App Store
2. Click on updates
3. Click on purchased
4. Search "Teams" in the purchased catalogue
5. Press the cloud with a down arrow
6. You may see "The latest version support iOS 11 but you can download the last compatible version"
7. Press ok on that prompt
8. Wait for it to install
9. When it's done downloading, open up the app and sign in with your school account
10. Now your done! It may be a little laggy when you use it but this is due to your old devices performance but it does work fine. Mark this as a answer if this worked for you! :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  1. I can't see any cloud symbol it says get and then install

@Marz6 I have the same problem. I have iPhone 10 in which I can install Microsoft teams, with the same account I logged in to my Ipad (9 ver), I can see the team in the Purchased section with a download arrow. When I clicked on it, it says, 'Microsoft teams is not completable.


Can anyone suggest any workaround to use teams in my Ipad?

Did you manage to download teams pls? I have a mini ipad and says it is not compatable with this ipad when trying to download it! Feeling really frustrated. Tablet is as brand new however it seems like afossil for this kind of app.

You need to download it with a newer device, then it will have a cloud symbol and a down arrow icon on it, then download the older version.

I want to install in my iPad. It's showing "Microsoft Teams is not compatible with this iPad