Is Teams Bot really Bot or just an application?

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I was tested a bit how to create applications and bots on Teams using a trial tenant. And while creating the Bot I can see those Bots appears to Azure site under "App Registration". And when testing more, I actually noticed that the Bot Subscription is not enabled until pay it on the tenant.

This of course lead me to the question, that are the "Bots" in Teams really Bots, or are they just Azure Applications? Or have I misunderstood something badly wrong? :D

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Thanks again @Prasad_Das-MSFT, but in my mind those are not really clarifying the issue.


I can create the Bots in Teams without having Azure Bot Subscription. Which at least confuses me a bit.

What are the differences between Teams Bot compared to Bots made by Bot Framework SDK? Are they running at the end in different platforms?

Are those Bots really Bots if they are listed in Azure's apps registrations as regular apps, and I cannot even separate them from the other apps.

And one important question is, if I would like to register Bot into Azure manually, can I do it in a same way than I register app into Azure?

@Petri X -

Bot service registration refers to registering a bot with the Azure Bot Service (as your bot does not have to be hosted on Azure).
Register a Bot Framework bot with Azure - Bot Service | Microsoft Docs

App registration refers your bot security configuration. You set this up when you click on to the "App ID and password" field during setup.
Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Docs

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I believe the key information which was not reached me was (correct me if I'm wrong): Microsoft offers two different Bot platforms:

- Office 365, these are listed just an applications on Azure App Registration

- Azure's Bot Framework


O365 bots I could create from Teams client, but not sure if this is possible to do some where else. Because this requires Azure App registration I would like to see possibility to use e.g. PS to create these Bots. These do not requires any extra subscriptions. From the feature level these are basically chatbots.


Then we have Azure Bot Framework which requires Bot subscription. And obviously this gives more possibilities to use your Bot.