Is it possible to create a popup window from MS Teams Tab application?

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Hi everyone!


We are developing an MS-Teams application in the form of tabs. We are exploring the possibility of bringing the feature for the calls to go through WebRTC.
We have our own sdk and Web gateway for audio and video calls.

The requirements for the desktop client solution are as follows:

  1. To allow users place audio, video calls within MS Teams app through WebRTC.
  2. To keep the call "up" even if the user navigates to the different MS Teams tab (like Calendar or chat).
  3. To create a call interface that is as similar as possible to the MSTeams call interface.
  4. To use the same media (mic & camera) settings an user has configured in MS Teams (settings -> Devices section).


What we have achieved so far:

  1. Get the microphone & camera permissions and access the media devices.
  2. Place a call using our SDK with WebRTC. (In main Tab window)
  3. Get the incoming call and accept / drop it. (In main Tab window)

What we struggle with:

To avoid ending the call when the user navigates to another page in MS Teams, we want to create a new window for the call interface when the call starts.
Since the is not allowed in Tabs ( - we have tried to use microsoftTeams.authentication.authenticate or microsoftTeams.tasks.startTask.

Unfortunately, these options do not meet our requirements:

  • With microsoftTeams.authentication.authenticate, the child "authentication" window closes as soon as the user closes the main tab window.
  • With microsoftTeams.tasks.startTask, the tasks iframe window is placed above tab main window.

We also aware about the MS Teams "Pop out app" feature. But we didn't find a way to trigger it programmatically from the Tab app. In addition, in the "pop-out" mode, the navigation bar with Tabs About links is available and this is not what we are looking for.


Could you please help us with determining our options / capabilities regarding creating a separate window from MS Teams Tab app?


Thanks in advance.

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@vtyagunov  - we are checking the issue at our end. We will get back to you soon.

@vtyagunov Currently You cannot automate pop-out app. This is by design. Could you please Raise a [user voice](