Is it possible to call a Teams contact from a SIP client, like Linphone?

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There is a commercial solution, Cybergate (, that allows to call a Teams contact from a SIP client. I was not able to find any other free or even commercial alternatives.

I had a look at MS Graph API and chat bots, but this can programmatically trigger a call only between a bot (which is already a Teams account) and a user, so no luck there.

Is there a way to call a Teams contacts from a SIP client? Can somebody point me into the right direction?

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@maxiptah - Are you developing any Teams application?
If yes, could you please elaborate more on it.

@Sayali-MSFT  the use-case is a physical SIP-enabled device (door station installed on the company premises) calling a Teams account (of one of the employees of the said company). So in fact exactly what CyberTwice is doing. I wanted to be sure about the alternatives or lack thereof.

@maxiptah - We will check it internally and get back to you once we get any update.
Hi @Sayali-MSFT! Any update on this? Thank you.
@maxiptah -Currently, we don’t support that through Graph API.
We are checking with the internal team, is there any other way to do that. We will inform you once we get any update.

@maxiptah -We do have a SIP GW that enables calling from older SIP devices. However, the support is a bit limited, and targets use by a specific set of older devices.

You can learn more about that here: Enable core Microsoft Teams calling functionality on compatible legacy SIP phones with SIP Gateway -...

@maxiptah CyberGate is our transactable SaaS hosted in Azure and published on AppSource and Azure Marketplace. It is compatible (interop tested) with Commend. See and

Two-way audio and live video from the Video Doorstation to a Teams user, or the other way around, from a Teams user to the (Commend) Video Intercom. You guys even have two-way video support on the OD range. What use case are you looking for specifically ?