Is it possible to automatically send attendance reports to my website?

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We want to have the facility to receive the attendance reports to our website directly after the meeting, and also to be able to add an invitation (button) to automatically take you or add you to the private group of teams, is it possible to do it? And what is needed to achieve this?


P.S. Our website is powered by microsoft (Our members have to log in with their microsoft mail)

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To receive the attendance reports 

  1. You can subscribe to a callRecord produced after a call or meeting in Microsoft Teams to retrieve the properties and relationships of a callRecord object. 
  2. There is a Graph API - AttendanceReport which contains information associated with a meeting attendance report. Each time an online meeting ends, an attendance report is generated for that session. The response is a JSON object.

To add an invitation (button)

  1. There is a Graph API Get team to retrieve the properties and relationships of the specified team. You can take webUrl of the team, whenver user clicks on it, it takes you to the Team or gives an option to Join the Team.
  2. Alternatively you can add the particular user to a team using Add member to team





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