iOS Planner Within Teams...Can't Scroll Through the Notes in a Task

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Within Teams on iOS, when opening a task in Planner that's integrated into Teams, I can't scroll through the notes to read, add or modify them.  I have to "grab" the cursor to move around.  


In the iOS Planner App, I don't have that issue.  I can scroll up & down easily, then tap to place a cursor for edits.


Any plans to make the user experience the same?  Teams used to launch the Planner app, so I'm assuming you're working to make Planner a seamless experience within Teams?  this would help, as well as widening the Notes pane, similar to the view in Planner.


Thanks for your time.

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@JSVest Thnaks for reaching out to us. We have raised a bug and we are tracking it internally.