Invalid value "undefined" for header "x-ms-conversation-id"




We recently updated our Teams bot NodeJS code to use the latest 4.15 botbuilder NPM packages.  One of our test accounts have been encountering the error "Invalid value 'undefined' for header 'x-ms-conversation-id'".  The other two test accounts that our team members are using do not face this issue.


For the account that is facing this issue, we have tried

-restarting the bot's web app

-removing the conversation state for the user 

-change the bot's web app's storage from physical to memory and restarting the web app

-uninstall the bot for the user and reinstalling for the user


None of the above is resolving the error. 


Can you advise how we can overcome this error? 


Thank You 

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@voonsionglum - Could you please share the repro steps or sample code for our reference.
So that we can investigate on it.
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We tried clearing our stored conversation states and found that actually DID resolve our issue. Thank you for your support!