Intermittent discrepancy in delta API behaviour for Delete Message for MS Teams

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It has been observed that there is change in endpoint API behavior for Delete Message operation for MS Teams. If we are deleting some message from endpoint it's not taking the latest time.


API Used: gt 2021-01-07T08:42:50.356Z


For example if I am deleting an existing message at 2021-01-07T08:46:45.241Z in response I am getting "deletedDateTime""2021-01-07T08:39:50.356Z"


Whereas we should get the exact time in response at which we have deleted the message.


Mostly facing this issue for deleting old messages.


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@cstest cstest  : We are investigating this internally, and will update you with resolution.

@cstest cstest , we aren't able to repro this issue. Could you please send us the link of documentation along with request and response body, this will helps us solve this issue quickly.