Integrating Microsoft team in my web application

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We have a web app and we would like to show an icon inside the web application which will open in the web app itself and would be a direct communication link between System team and User team i.e. User can ping their query their and System Admin can respond them in same window. Also user can share their desktop and share files like error message image/screenshot. This system will be integrated with S SO implementation hence only user inside company can use this function. I am new to Microsoft development activity (this would be my first) hence if there is any blog/article will be available with step by step approach, it will be very helpful

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@lostincloud, Thanks for reaching out to us. Could you please describe more what sort of functionality you are looking for?

Are you willing to develop a Teams bot application?

@Trinetra-MSFT I am interested in being able to use my web application inside of a Microsoft Teams call. So that all parties in the call can collaborate using my app similar to how we do this with Office 365