Integrate Teams Video calls in my application

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Hello All,


This is my first day in this community. Apologies if this is not the right forum to post this query. I am writing an application (workflow kind of a thing). One of the steps requires audio/video calling. I am planning to invoke Microsoft Teams call APIs (graph APIs) to start the video call. 


I am a little confused if we can call these APIs from outside Teams. Because, when I am trying out the examples, they all need tenant Id, client Id etc and they also refer to apps. I have not created any custom app. Is that mandatory? If not, can anyone please point me to articles which will help me understand how to do this.



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@PriyaAcharya You cannot make use of these API's without having a Teams app. You will need to register an app, get an access token with required permissions and use that token to make the graph call. Could you please elaborate more on your scenario?

@Gousia_Begum  Thanks for your response. Here are more details of what I am planning to do.


1. I have my own web application for a workflow - say employee on boarding

2. In one of the steps, HR team would like to have a video call with new employee.

3. We want to use Microsoft Teams Video calling facility for this.

4. So when we click on "Call" button, we want to start video call with the new employee (via email provided)


So for this, can we directly call graph APIs for making calls from our web application? If yes, any pointers for that will help.


@PriyaAcharya No it is not possible to initiate a teams call from an external application. 

@Gousia_Begum is it possible to open in new browser tab team online meeting page(video) ? 

I have another business case : customers will talk to eachother 1to1 or 1toMany and I want to create a scheduled meeting between them by using my teams account or developer account. So they can jump to new tab by clicking button on my web app.

Is this possible ?