Install custom App for specific group in Teams

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we're developing custom app using Powerapps and publish it in Teams,


but we jst want to install the app for specific groups, not whole organization.


So first we set the permission policy - block the app for whole org and add setup policies for installing apps then add policy package using the setup policies, and finally assign it to the specific group.


BUT we realize the permission policy applies first so the app just block for whole org...


Do you know any other ways to apply apps for group?


We try to using only UI, not shell or graphAPI, and do not set for individuals.. though if there are only one way we should do haha ;D


Please share if you know other ways..


Thank you.

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@JJJEANZEZE _ Not need to set the app policy to block for organisation, when you install the app manifest to the specific group only that group members can use that application, the other users in the organisation are not able to access the app. Remove the policy added to block app to user for organisation wide and install the manifest in the group.

@Nikitha-MSFT Sorry for late check, but which part in manifest do we put the group id?

@JJJEANZEZE - Teams App Policies Group Assignment is currently not supported. This is something we are working on but do not have ETA to share.

Hi Team


We cannot be able to assign a custom teams app to a group mail ID with custom policy
We blocked the custom app from global level.

Any suggestions please