Increase call volume quota limit in Logic apps Teams connector



We have been working on a tool that helps support engineers in searching for previous historical case conversations and solving customer problems.

I am using Teams connector within logic apps to fetch a few insights to load into a QnA knowledge base. However, our logic app is failing sometimes with the below error as our usage is growing:

{"statusCode":403,"message":"Out of call volume quota. Quota will be replenished in 00:33:05."}



1. How can we request an increase of the call volume quota limit?

2. As of today, I have been using my own personal user Id to run a bunch of workflows that connect to teams and fetch the data. Can we request SPN access with #1?



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@rakatuko - Are you developing Microsoft Teams Application ?
We have developed a QnA cognitive bot where we are fetching data from different sources. One of the data sources is our AVA channel. We are using Logic apps Team connector to fetch data and load it into the knowledge base (cognitive engine). I am very happy to hop on an offline call to share more information on how and what we developed. Please let me know a way to contact you.
Can someone please provide an update on this ?