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I am working on developing an app for MS Teams. I want the app to send in-app notifications to user, to engage the user and draw his/her attention on action item. Could someone please guide how can I make that possible? I am unable to locate documentation for it. I don't want to send messages/ cards in channels via bot.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @lakshay451,
You can refer below document to share activity feed notifications to user.

You will need to add teamsActivity.Send Application level permission for you app to send notifications.


@lakshay451 - Please let us know if you still need any help.


Chetan Sharma


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This is activity feed notification, is it possible to send notifications in apps that are added in MS Teams ?
Also, can I send this activity feed notification using Logic apps based on some trigger ? If yes, could you share some documentation how ?
Hi @lakshay451,
It will not be possible to send notifications inside app that are installed in teams. However if you want to send notification to a particular app you can integrate bot and send proactive message.
Also you can send activity feed notifications using logic app. You will have to trigger the graph API mentioned here
"send notification to a particular app you can integrate bot and send proactive message"
Could you tell how can this be achieved ?

@lakshay451 It's not clear how you define "in-app notifications", however you have multiple ways to tackle this.


  1. Send a chat message to a user or channel message to a team, with your desired content and a deep link to content within your app. The message may be formatted as plain text, markdown or as an adaptive card
  2. Build UI inside your app that draws attention to particular contents of your app. This will not draw attention to your app, but to particular content within your app. This could be coachmarks, teaching bubbles, first-run splash screens, etc

You can send messages using a custom bot you implement, or using Microsoft Teams connector from a Power Automate flow or Azure Logic App.


Some relevant links:



By "in-app notifications" I mean bubble notification kind of thing which conveys number of messages that are unread in "Chat"/ number of activities under "Bell" icon (currently available in Teams)