Image Gateway in html messages in Webclient fails to load images on Teams Classic

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I have an app that integrate with Microsoft Teams API to send messages.
We used to send gif/images to chat using html img tag (eg: <img src="my_img_url" />). It was working fine so far, but recently the images stop to be loaded on chat (person to person).

After some research we discovered that this issue only happens with the Microsoft Teams Classic version, but not on the v2 that started to be release this year. The same with the desktop app, the classic version don't loads the images.


Turns out, that the problem  seems to be in the image gateway.

Checking the errors and network tab on the Teams Classic Web Client it trys to load the image through the image gateway using the following URL:



But the same message on Teams V2 works and checking the networks tab request, it loads the image from the following URL:



The URL used in Teams Classic apparently it is invalid (looks like it add the Image Gateway URL twice, and seems to be double encoded compared to the Teams V2), and returns a 410 error.


Since nothing changed in the API and integration, and it is working on new version, as before in the "old version" of teams, it seems to be a problem with the Microsoft Teams Classic.

Is there any workaround for this?
There is any other data that I need to provide to help you to solve this?


Microsoft Teams v2 - gif on DM working:


Microsoft Teams Classic - gif on DM not working:






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Thank you for reporting this, we will check this and get back to you.
We are also able to repro this issue, we will check this internally and get back to you.
We see that the images are loading fine in Teams classic now. Could you please check confirm?
We see that the images are loading fine in Teams classic now. Could you please check confirm?
Hey Meghana. I can confirm it is working back again. Thanks for your support and quick fix.

@ruhancomh - Glad your issue is resolved. Could you please share your valuable feedback via Microsoft Teams Developer Community Response Feedback link?