I need to send an individual message to a user from conversation-id using graph api

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My requirement is using any api I need to send a message to a user of MS Teams. I have the id of the user and even i have conversation id and tanent id also.  but im not sure the converI only see api's where it can be sent to a channel and not individually.



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HThanks for reply@Sayali-MSFT 


yes i can send message using this endpoint but my pain is that i want to know the user name or userid before sending message .

example i can send message using this endpoint through conversationId but should know the person to whome i am sending messages also.

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@ashuuas -If you know the user id and chat id of sender. You can use the following api to get the details of receiver.



Ref Doc:-

@ashuuas - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?



Yes Thank you for the support and from this end pount and trace the user and will work for me .