Hum..Is this right behavior?




Here is my step to test..


1. Build and run a C# sample generated a zip file.

2. Open App Studio in Microsoft Teams....and Select Import an existing app.

3. Choose the zip file that generated in #1

4. I modified necessary configuration.

5. Clicked "Test and Distribute"

6. Clicked "Install" button


However, "Add" button is disabled. (Permissions needed. Ask your IT admin to add Hello World to this team/chat/meeting.) I understand that I need to enable "Upload custom apps" in admin..which I already have done...


the thing is that instead of clicking "Add" button here, I clicked "Download"..then zip file was downloaded..then went to "Apps" -> Upload a custom app..then selected the one that I AM ABLE TO add it though.. this something I always have to download and upload from "Upload a custom app" in order to test? Why simply  can't I add from the App Studio???





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@firstteam - We are not able to repro the issue at our end. Could you please share screen recording of the issue? Also could you please share the app manifest?