How to send a stream video address in a message?

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I want send message Microsoft Stream video link.

In Teams App, paste the MS Stream Video address into the message entry window.


This image is automatically created.



I want to send this using Graph API.


I tried with attachment, but I failed with message that id is not present in body.


 var channel = await graphClient.Teams[pClassId].PrimaryChannel

                var chatMessage = new ChatMessage
                    Body = new ItemBody
                        ContentType = BodyType.Html,
                        Content = ""
                    Attachments = new List<ChatMessageAttachment>()
                        new ChatMessageAttachment
                            ContentType = "reference",
                            ContentUrl = streamurl

                resultChatMsg = await graphClient.Teams[pClassId].Channels[channel.Id].Messages



How can I implement it?

Thank you for any help.

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