How to provide a live video source to Teams

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Suppose I have a live video source that I can completely control with my code.  How can I make it available to Teams (i.e. make it equivalent to a webcam to Teams)?

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@zipswich Are you trying to setup a live meeting In your APP could you please share more details?

@Nikitha-MSFT No.  I just want Teams to use my live video stream as it does a webcam.  In other words, something like adding the video source to the list under Settings > Devices > Camera

@zipswich We have a setting in teams for camera as you mentioned under settings->devices->camera. What you are looking for - please explain your scenario in more detail.

@Nikitha-MSFT Suppose I have my own video source from a camera that is not a standard webcam.  For example, it can be a network camera or a proprietary camera over which I have 100% control.  I would like Teams to use that video source.   Does Teams allow a third-party to add a video source directly somehow?



Pull your network camera to OBS Studio and create a virtual webcam from there.

@akihv I use a Network camera as an example.  This is a general question about a video source over which I have complete control.  It could be my proprietary camera from which no one but me knows how to obtain the video.

@Nikitha-MSFT Thank you for the information.  Accessing local devices is probably not an issue, but you really pointed me to the right place.

It looks like providing a video source for Teams to use as something equivalent to a webcam is not possible or very difficult.   I will look at different types of Teams apps (Tabs, bots, messaging extensions, webhooks...) to see if a video can be presented.  If you have any recommendations regarding which type I should look at, please let me know. 

@zipswich -Could you please check this video?

@Nikitha-MSFT Thank you.  I watched the video.  

A Teams Tab looks like the right place for video.  It supports Microsoft Stream, but Tab seems to require the content to be web-based - Tabs are Teams-aware webpages embedded in Microsoft Teams.