How to manage session/cookies for custom application integrated in Teams Desktop application ?

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I have created custom application and provided URL in manifest file to call the page in teams.
Each tab has unique url to redirect and when user click tab it goes to site and check session/cookie if it is not there it will ask for login credentials. after login while click second tab I don't have to enter credentials for web version of Teams while in Desktop app if I go to second tab it asks me for credentials to go into the page.
How I can manage session/cookie for desktop Teams app (for my custom application inside).
Please check attachment it may help you to answer the question.

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To configure a policy to leverage device management via client certificates:

In Cloud App Security, in the menu bar, click the settings cog settings icon and select Settings.

Select the Device identification tab.

Upload as many root or intermediate certificates as you require.


To test how this works, you can use our sample root CA and client certificate, as follows:

Download the sample root CA and client certificate.
Upload the root CA to Cloud App Security.
Install the client certificate (password=Microsoft) onto the relevant devices.
After the certificates are uploaded, you can create access and session policies based on Device tag and Valid client certificate.

Thanks for response.

Can you give us proper steps or some document link for the same to implement?


You can try with the SameSite cookie, please refer for more info about sametime cookie