how to invoke a custom action when an incoming call is answered in a call queue

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we are searching for possible solutions for the above requirenment but do not know where to start.
Did someone implement such a functionality? In our case, we ant to call an external API, when an agent answers an incoming call.

Can this be done using TeamsToolkit?
Or could you utilize Graph API?


I think CQD is not an option due to the delay of 30 minutes.

Are there other ideas to approach this topic?

looking forward to any suggestions





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@Florian4711 I think today you would need to create a custom app that handles the calls using ACS, Azure Communication Services – Communication APIs | Microsoft Azure. Your app would then be in control of the call and receive events when it's answered etc.


Another option may be the soon to arrive feature where Teams will open a web page on your client when answering a call, typically this is for CRM type applications to find a customer's data, collect notes about the call etc. but that page could also log into a database with the callers' details, have a look in message centre for MC445202

thank you Steven, we'll try this route!