How to integrate MS Team app inside existing web application

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We have Office 365 subscriptions for our internal employees and clients. We use MS teams very frequently along with other apps to communicate with each other and other stuff.  We have our existing web applications meant for business, CRM and clients etc. It's very difficult to go and work on Team and internal apps at same time so we are thinking to integrate Teams and other office 365 apps using some kind of JS SDK inside our web apps and mobile too. I know about Graph API but they only provide data and no web interface for real time chat, channels and all complex stuff which Teams has and we have no intend to develop the UI part by our own. How can we take a JS SDK of teams and put it on our app.? Please clarify if someone has done something similar. 

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@gauravsarwal - We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.

@Sayali-MSFT Thanks for replying. any update on this.

@gauravsarwal - Integrate MS Team app inside existing web application is not possible. But We can use Azure Communication Service but not Teams app.
Ref Doc-

@Sayali-MSFT Thanks for confirming that and sharing link about Azure communication services but that's a different kind of product/service which means we have to pay extra for that as per usage along with normal office 365 subscription or those who have office 365 subscription will get some kind of discount. Please calrify, moreover this Azure communication services all code examples are in Reactjs not in JavaScript which is a kind of most strange thing as our apps are using Angular and Javascript and we have no intend to use ReactJs and hire new resources for same. Can you please confirm that we can use JS based SDK with this Azure communication services? If you don't have idea about it then please direct me to the correct person/department.

@gauravsarwal - Yes. You can use the JS based SDK with this Azure Communication Service. You can use any language but you need to use client library SDKs.
Ref Doc-What is Azure Communication Services? | Microsoft Docs