How to increase preloaded options on Dynamcis 365 bot for team?

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Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams bot feature allows you to search for model-driven app records within a Microsoft Teams conversation.


There are some preloaded options. like View in Dynamics 365.


How can we add more options under individual entities of the model-driven app? 



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Thanks for reaching out. currently is not not possible to add more options other than the default ones.
We have this request in our backlog and it will be considered for future releases.


Thanks Eran for replying. Actually in my opportunity card, I have only one action button 'Open in Dynamics' while watching the video online there are many action buttons. Image attached.


I need to know how to enable these action buttons on OTB entities. Do I need to develop these or its configuration, Any help is grateful.

@eranmanor Dynamics 365 interactive bot.jpg