How to get more information in CDRs "type": "peerToPeer"?

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In image below, what I can retrieve till now, but I need  to see Jitter and  Loss information.
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We are looking into this issue, we will get back to you.

@Meghana-MSFT  Thanks :) Waiting for your feedback.

@Rabemampiandra - Which API or docs you are following?
Also, please share the call record id further investigation.
We got the below response from the engineering team -

Jitter and loss will be reported only if the client telemetry provided that data. With the call record id, we can look to see what the client reported, but most likely the client omitted these values.

I don't understand.
In case call "type": "groupCall", I got "Jitter and loss " for same users in tenant.
We will check this with the engineering team on discrepancy between groupcall and peer-peer call and get back to you.
ok thanks :)
Excited to get for your feedback.
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@Rabemampiandra  - Engineering team has said that a common cause of this behavior is a client network misconfiguration blocking client telemetry. In the group call case, the media is routed through a Teams service which reports its own telemetry, and this can populate these stats even if the client fails to send info. In the peer to peer case, there is no service component to report this telemetry. To verify if this is the actual reason the engineering team wants to investigate further with call id. Could you Please share the call id?

Examples ids bellow:
"id": "4ad5c5fe-68ad-48f7-938f-4d6beccd0572"
"id": "09718de7-b449-43d5-8769-51d857d7cbe0",

@Rabemampiandra - Are these call ids for peer to peer only? Please share call record ids as well. Thank you.

These ids are call record ids, not users ids.
yes, Call type : peer to peer


If you take a look these on the Teams Admin center, can you see the jitter values there? It could be so, that by some reasons on this individual call the clients has sent no telemeter information at all.

I test peer to peer by using app and mobile app, not through browser then i see the information i needed. So you're right, even with browser the type is group call i always see all telemetry.

I think, It's better to fix this so whatever users use teams, telemetry always reported.
thank You :)

Hi @Rabemampiandra please can you confirm you issue is resolved or still pending??

@Rabemampiandra - 

Engineering team has said that the 2 call record IDs given are calls from Teams Web to Teams Web. Jitter and Packet Loss is not collected from these client types today. Engineering team is working to include them. We will keep you posted if there are any updates. 




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