How to generate or create chat id of MS teams using Graph API ?

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I got the list of chat Id's. I did conversation in MS teams  from  GET  -  using graph API (Graph Explorer)

Is there any way to generate chat Id with the help of user Id with whom I never chat yet.

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@Deepak1265 It is not possible to generate a chat id for the chat that never happened. Could you please elaborate more on your scenario what exactly you are trying to achieve?


I want to chat with a new user. with whom I never chat before

So that I want to send a message by using graph API



POST -  

Request Body   - {

                             "body": {
                                             "content": " message "


 for that, I need a chat Id


@Deepak1265 Currently there are no API's to send a message to the user personally. You can only send messages in a channel using Graph API.



We can send a message to the user personally, I already did this using

Graph API Create chat Message 



@Deepak1265 Can messages be sent to a MS Teams group chat using Graph API?