How to deploy the customized functions version Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC)

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HI Teams:
I got Teams tabs app sample for Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC) app from GitHub.


I published this Teams tabs app to my organization's Teams following the deployment instructions and it worked fine.
After it is deployed, the resources shown in the figure below will be created in Azure.


Later, I developed some customized functions for this Teams tabs app.
May I ask how to deploy the developed customized version to the Azure App Service used by the Teams tabs app?

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@ShawnLien1129- Thanks for reporting your issue.
We will check this at our end and will get back to you.
Yes, I have already completed the deployment according to the document.
I want to check if there is a way to deploy the Azure App Service used by the Teams tabs app separately.
The source code of the template I used should be V1.0.
@ShawnLien1129 -We will check with the internal team and get back to you once we get any update.

@ShawnLien1129 - Are you done changes in code and you want to redeploy the App through App Service.
To Deploy the Azure App Service please refer the Link-
Quickstart: Deploy an ASP.NET web app - Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn

Thanks for your reply.
At present, I still follow the deployment method of the App sample deploy App to Azure via GitHub.