How to deploy a Bot/Message extn app developed with Teams Toolkit (5.6) to a self-managed server?

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I'm developing a Bot/Message Extension App for use in our organization. Using Teams Toolkit, I have created a project and using Typescript for it. Local testing is automatically supported from app registration without much consideration, so it seems very convenient. However, when I try to deploy this, I am a bit confused. Teams Toolkit seems to support deployment according to Azure Bot Service by default.(.dev)
I can't use the Bot Service for a number of reasons and should consider running the bot on a self-managed host. First of all, is this possible?
In this case, what steps should I take in Teams Toolkit, Azure portal, Teams development portal?
If this is not possible with Teams Toolkit, how should I configure the bot's hosting?

I have checked, we have to mention the endpoint URL but seems confuse to where it has to be mention.

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@XDeveloper29 ,
We will look into it and let you know if it's possible.

We are looking into it internally and let you know if it is possible.