How to create sub-channels under channels already created?

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Looking for some options on how to create sub-channels under existing channels.

Currently channels can only be created under the Team but when trying to add a sub-channel to a specific channel this is possible.

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Subchannels are not supported Today in Teams and I have not heard they will be supported

@Juan Carlos González Martín This would be a helpful feature. If it was every developed. 

@Juan Carlos González Martín


Hi Juan,


Have subchannels been put forward as a recommendation for improving Teams?


Because of how Teams and Share Point interact, it's currently not possible to move channel files into other files. This would be helpful as it would allow clustering of sub project/group comms and documents within a main project/group for example. 


There are other issues with Teams and Share Point including, file colours are locked, folders can't be moved into other folders. Channels automatically have folders created, which then can't be moved, folders cannot be hidden fr


These have been issues for a longtime, it would be helpful if the roll out of new Teams included improvements such as these.