how to create a team without sending out the default "you have been added to team..." mail message?

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I am almost finished with my provisioning web-part for creating groups with teams using graph, but  the customer want the "provisioneer" to be able to refrain from sending out "you've been added" messages


I cannot seem to find if it's possible in the documentation, but then again it doesn't always have it all written down.


Do some of you know if it's possible?


thnx, O

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Try this:

Run the powershell command with the exchange module connected:

Set-UnifiedGroup <groupname> -UnifiedGroupWelcomeMessageEnabled:$<true/false>

Then try add the members to the group via AAD or admin portal.

Keep in mind that users won’t show up immediately as members in Teams due to latency



You can do that with Microsoft Graph only at creation time. Here is a sample


Request Body:


    "displayName": "TestGroup-01",
    "groupTypes": [
    "mailEnabled": true,
    "mailNickname": "testgroup-01",
    "resourceBehaviorOptions": [
    "securityEnabled": false,
    "visibility": "Private",

yes, but that doesn't stop the added to teams mail from being sent out. (?) . It stops the office groups mail from being sent. When i create the team right thereafter they receive a "You've been added to a team in Microsoft Teams" mail. This is the mail i want to switch off  @Gousia_Begum  has the same effect as doing it in powershell.

@trillian74 How are you adding the team member after creating the team with WelcomeEMailDisabled: True? Are you adding the user using Graph API or from the Teams UI?

Hi @trillian74 

Did you manage to disable the welcome mail?

It seems I struggle with exactly the same request and already checked the 

WelcomeMessageEnabled is set to False for my Team/group but still I receive the welcome mail.