How to add Personal Tab dynamically by user at runtime in teams according to his API provided ?

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Hello teams,

I have uploaded one custom appication in Teams and I am able to configure costume tabs in Teams using + button. 
But now I want to configure Personal Tabs dynamically (Statictabs of Manifestfile.json) and show tabs user-wise in Ms-Teams after configuration.
For example, in one company we have different tenant or users when custom application installed It should ask for URL/API from customer and using that API it gives calll to custom application and get tab names and show it in teams.
What I can do for above? Provide guidance and some sample code for this.

Thanks in Advance

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@aniketkadwane1600 You can only add a channel tab dynamically using Graph API. Please check this docs to Add channel tab using Graph. Personal tabs should always be added from the app manifest.

@Gousia_Begum - I didn't get much from given link. I have attached image please check it and let me know will above thing which you told will be applicable for the scenario ?
I do have static tabs in my custom application.
I want to be render that tabs dynamically after taking API input from user once after installation.

Please see the attached image

@aniketkadwane1600 Static tabs cannot be added dynamically using API. They should be added through the manifest file only.

@Gousia_Begum - Is There any way to render personal tabs dynamically after installing custom application ?

As I have already told scenario that after installing costume application user will be asked to enter site URL and accordingly it will show tabs dynamically from site into teams.

@aniketkadwane1600 As mentioned earlier, there is no way to add static tab dynamically. They should always be added via the manifest file.