How to add new participants to an already created Online Meeting using Graph API?

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In the application I am developing, I created an online meeting using the graph API.
Next, the application used the online meeting update API to add new users A and B as participants in participants > attendees.
A problem occurred here. The problem I face is as follows:
1. Added users A and B are displayed as participants in meetings and chats, but there is no notification that they have been added to the meeting. Even if the meeting host enters a chat, A and B do not receive separate notifications because the meeting chat window is muted.
2. Previous chat history is not shared with added users A and B. (Users invited through the meeting option are set to shareMeetingChatHistoryDefault:all so that chat history is shared, and chat history is shared with users who actually click joinWebUrl and participate. It was confirmed that this works.)

The things I'm curious about are as follows:
1. When adding users A and B, how do I get a notification for adding a meeting and share chat history?

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Hi @LeeJinWoo,

adding new participants to an already created online meeting using the Microsoft Graph API is possible, but there are some limitations and considerations to keep in mind:

1. Notification for Adding a Meeting:
Currently, the Microsoft Graph API does not provide a built-in way to notify users when they are added to an online meeting. You might need to implement a custom notification system in your application to inform the users that they have been added to a meeting.

2. Sharing Chat History: As per the current functionality, the chat history is not shared with the users who are added to the meeting after the chat has started¹². The new participants only see chats from the time they joined. This is a limitation of the current API and there is no workaround available at this time.

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