How to access the new developer portal?

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since App Studio started to become unreliable for me (deleting bot and tab settings frequently when updating the app version), I wanted to give the new developer portal  a try.

However only shows a blank page for me. 

The page itself loads but I see a JS error in the console:


8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2 ReferenceError: oneDS is not defined
    at Function.value (main.f7dbbe2d.chunk.js:1)
    at main.f7dbbe2d.chunk.js:1
    at cs (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at Ec (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at qo (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at _c (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at 8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2
    at N (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)
    at MessagePort._.port1.onmessage (8.9e0ecc9b.chunk.js:2)


I am using chrome/firefox on MacOs. Is this supported?

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