How do I send a message to myself with PowerAutomate?

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I am developing a PowerAutomate flow,

I want to use the function "post message in chat or channel", I can send messages to anyone in "one to one" private chats but not on the private chat I have with myself.

Has somebody found a way to message himself via power automate?

I can't create it as a "new chat" in PA because it says users cannot be duplicate.

Then I figured out I had to find the ID of the chat with myself. I tried using the microsoft graph api to retrieve the id from "me/chats" but the chat with myself is not shown. I tried many different filters and expansions with no success.

I also tried analyzing the id itself and discovered that, in the case of "one to one" chats, it's made of {the sender id} and {the receiver id}

I then tried constructing an id that contains 19:{myuserid}_{myuserid}@{domain} but it responds that there is no record.

I tried many combinations, thanks for the help.

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This same question is being tracked here - Please follow stackoverflow thread for further updates. Thanks.