How can we stop students for recording videos themselves

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Can you help me this regard? I recently had a meeting with my class. Meeting was not being recorded by me. But a student is recording it and she didn't let me know. How can we control this? Ms teams isnt given me option to change the status of students from members to attendees during presentation in a single click?
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Hi @Saraiqbal2020,


Currently there is no single click process to change the role of an attendee. 
But you could click Show participants in the meeting controls to see a list of the people in the people in the meeting. Hover over the name of the person whose role you want to change and click More options

From there, select Make an attendee. More details here

Best you can do is just to be sure when you schedule a meeting to put only you as presenter so any other person attending the meeting is going to be an attendee