Give the ability for an ms team admin to revoke all granted permission to an app

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Hello I have an application which is asking for permissions grant with

Is there any way to give the ms teams admin the ability to revoke the granted permissions which gave to my app before?

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for your answer I know this solution but I forgot to mention that I am asking if there is any way to give a hyperlink just like I do for the permission grant in order to be more convinient for our client. So to summarize I have a hyperlink for permission grant but I need a way to give a hyperlink to revoke with a click all the granted permission our client gave to app

Hello, thank you for your answer but I see that there is not an option to remove the application from this panel

Navigate to

then click on 'App permissions' on the left panel and revoke the app permissions for the apps which you don't want anymore
Attaching a screenshot below for reference:
Revoking permissions.PNG